The LCaT Academic Literacy Workshop

  How can I attend an LCaT workshop?

  1. Your school – can request a workshop to prepare you for any academic literacy test required by a university, including the National Benchmark Test (NBT) AQL test. Cost: R645 (includes workbook and assessment of your level). 
  2. Online workshops – we conduct online workshops via Google Classroom. First order our book of practice tests from Geronimo Distribution, then book a slot, and arrange for payment (R360). For more information, click here
  3. Individuals – can request a one-on-one session or a workshop for a small group in Hermanus. Cost: R645 (includes workbook).

Do not hesitate to contact me by email to make a booking.

Prof. Albert Weideman

If you need to clarify something first, please feel free to call me on 082 773 3787.

Why should I attend an LCaT workshop?

University placement

Universities worldwide require prospective students to complete academic literacy tests. In South Africa many universities require you to write a language test; the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs), for example, are required by a significant number. The results are used for admission and sometimes placement purposes The big question is:

Can I prepare for academic literacy tests such as the NBT?

Of course you can.  While you cannot study and memorise any specific subject matter, exercises with answers can create awareness and skill in the use of academic language. What is more, you will become familiar with the format and types of questions of these tests, which may be different from tests and exams that you are used to. This will give you a definite advantage. LCaT will prepare you for any academic and quantitative literacy (AQL) test, while Purple Pepper Maths will help you achieve the best possible results in mathematics.

The LCaT workshop is presented by Prof. Albert Weideman, author of several research publications on academic literacy and an expert language tester (see biosketch). Albert spearheaded the development of a range of tests of academic literacy, notably TALL, a compulsory placement test for first year students at North-West University.

Wiify? (What’s in it for you?)

  • A three-hour workshop
  • Tasks and exercises to assess your language ability
  • Feedback on your assessment

Cost: R595 per student including a workbook with practice tests in either English or Afrikaans.

Academic literacy: Five new tests / Albert Weideman
Akademiese geletterdheid: Vyf nuwe toetse

Academic literacy: Five new tests

We are the experts in academic literacy. For Maths, contact our partners: Purple Pepper Maths.  

Who’s done it before?

LCaT has received excellent feedback on their English and Afrikaans workshops at leading schools. In addition, we had individual pupils from Helpmekaar, Randburg, Montana, Stellenbosch, and Northcliff House College.

2022 – Alma Mater International School, Krugersdorp (Online)
2022 – Afrikaans Hoër Meisieskool (AHMP), Pretoria
2022 – Curro, Durbanville
2022 – Hoërskool  Zwartkop, Pretoria
2022 – Hoërskool  Linden, Johannesburg
2022 – Hoërskool Waterkloof, Pretoria
2022 – Hoërskool Oos-Moot, Pretoria
2022 – Hoërskool Witteberg, Bethlehem
2022 – Crawford College, Pretoria
2022 –  Sentraal High School. Oranje Meisieskool, Bloemfontein
2022 – Hoërskool  Linden, Johannesburg
2022 – Cradock High School, Marlow Landbouskool, Cradock

2021 – Afrikaans Hoër Meisieskool (AHMP), Pretoria
2021 – Curro, Mbombela
2021 – Hoërskool  Zwartkop
2021 – Hoërskool  Linden, Johannesburg
2021 – Hoërskool Waterkloof, Pretoria
2021 – Crawford College, Pretoria
2021 –  Sentraal High School. Oranje Meisieskool, Bloemfontein
2021 – Alma Mater International School, Krugersdorp (Online)
2021 – More than 100 Grade 11s from schools across the country (Online in collaboration with SOS and Purple Pepper Maths)

2020 – Hoërskool Waterkloof, Pretoria
2020 – Hoërskool  Linden, Johannesburg
2020 – Hoërskool Sentraal, Saint Andrews, Bloemfontein,
2020 – Crawford College, Pretoria
2020 Hoërskool Witteberg, Voortrekker High School, Bethlehem

2019 – Hermanus High School  and Hoërskool Swartland, Hermanus
2019 – Hoërskool  Linden, Johannesburg
2019 – Hoërskool Waterkloof, Pretoria
2019 Crawford College, Pretoria
Hoërskool Witteberg, Bethlehem 

2018 Crawford College, Pretoria 
2018 Hoërskool Witteberg, Bethlehem 
2018  – Hoërskool Waterkloof, Pretoria

2017 – Eunice High School, Bloemfontein
2017 – Oranje Meisieskool, Bloemfontein
2017 – Hoërskool Waterkloof, Pretoria
2017 – Crawford College, Pretoria

2016 – Hoërskool Waterkloof, Pretoria
2016 – Eunice High School, Bloemfontein