The LCaT academic literacy workshop

Most universities require prospective students to complete academic literacy tests, such as the Academic and Quantitative Literacy component (AQL) of the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs). In order to submit your application to them, your NBT results need to be available. The NBTs are written at various venues throughout South Africa and you have probably already booked your place. The big question now remains:

Can I prepare for the NBT?

Of course you can.  Whilst you cannot study and memorise any specific subject matter, exercises with answers can hone your academic thinking skills. What is more, you will become familiar with the format and types of questions of the NBTs, which are quite different from tests and exams that you are used to. Purple Pepper Maths will help you achieve the best possible results on the Maths component, whereas LCaT, in partnership with Magic Camel Communications, can prepare you for the Academic and Quantitative Literacy (AQL) component.

The LCaT workshop is overseen by Albert Weideman, editor of  Academic Literacy: Test your competence

Wiify? (What’s in it for you?)

  • A three-hour workshop
  • Tasks and exercises to assess your language ability
  • Feedback on your assessment

Cost: R550 per student, including a workbook with practice tests. Click to see more information:

LCaT has received excellent feedback on their English and Afrikaans workshops at leading schools. See news items below.

2016 – Hoërskool Waterkloof, Pretoria: Kan jy voorberei vir akademiese geletterdheidstoetse?
2016 – Eunice High School, Bloemfontein: Another first for Eunice with workshop on academic literacy assessment.

2017 Workshops have been conducted at Eunice High School and Oranje Meisieskool, with four more pending at Hoërskool Sentraal in Bloemfontein, Hoërskool Witteberg, Bethlehem, and  Hoërskool Waterkloof and Crawford College in Pretoria, see Latest news.

We are willing to travel to any part in the country on request, for a workshop with a minimum of 25 participants. Contact Albert Weideman, +27 82 7733787.