Academic literacy: Five new tests

Are you preparing for university admission?

Does the university require you to complete a test of academic literacy? In South Africa and elsewhere, senior secondary school learners have to prove that they are able to understand and use academic language before they begin studying at university.

A workbook for prospective university students

Albert Weideman, one of South Africa’s most experienced designers of tests of academic literacy, has authored this workbook for learners who need to practise and sharpen their ability to use academic language. The workbook is aimed at learners in grades 10-12 preparing to write National Benchmark Tests of quantitative and academic literacy (AQL). 

Academic literacy: Five new tests

Author: Albert Weideman
ISBN: 978-0-86886-854-7

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The LCaT Academic Literacy Workshop

To optimise the benefits of doing practice tests from this book, consider attending one of the LCaT workshops which will prepare you for academic literacy tests, such as the AQL component of the National Benchmark Test (NBT). Go to the academic literacy workshop page  to get all the information you need.

Further good news is that books are also available at Protea Bookshops in Pretoria, Bloemfontein and Stellenbsoch.